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If you are experiencing complications from health issues such as back pain or body aches, it's time to reach out to your local chiropractor. You may be experiencing spine misalignment, known as subluxation, which interferes with the body’s nervous system. Hess Chiropractic is not just here for your spine; we are concerned for your overall health so that you can achieve your full potential.

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Wellness Package

Wellness packages encourage patients to adopt a proactive, healthy mindset. Making chiropractic care a priority can serve as a preventative measure before other compromising health conditions develop. Note: If package is not completed, visit will be billed the full fee.

Wellness Package - A

6 visits over 3 months

Wellness Package - B

12 visits over 3 months

LIFE Enhancement Plans

Life Enhancement Plans (LEP) are designed for patients who wish to receive chiropractic services weekly. Patients are eligible once they visit Hess Chiropractic over the course of three months. Payment will cover a one month time frame. Additional visits (2+ visits/week) may be added to your plan.

LEP Single

Weekly chiropractic care for individuals.

LEP Cupid

Weekly chiropractic care for couples.

LEP Family of 4

Weekly chiropractic care for a family of 4.

LEP Family of 5

Weekly chiropractic care for a family of 5.*

*Additional family members may be added

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